Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I lost the tennis key?

During the swim season, ask for a key at the Windwood Pool desk. A replacement will cost $5.00. When the pool is closed, you may call Membership Records and arrange to
pick up a key from them. Again you will need to pay $5.00 for the replacement cost. The tennis key should be transferred with your membership if you sell, and if you do not have your key, you will have to pay the replacement fee before transferring the membership.

What do I do if I lost my pass?

To get a new pass during the swim season, you will need to bring $5.00 to the Windwood Pool Desk and ask for a new one. A new one will be created for you while you swim. If you lose your pass over the winter, you can order a reprint with your dues invoice, or call the Membership InfoLine to have a new one printed. You will owe $5.00 for the reprint, and it will be ready for you at the beginning of the next swim season.

Remember that your membership passes are PERMANENT and will be re-used the next year. You can turn your family’s passes in to the Club during the last weekend of Club operation for safe-keeping over the winter. You will be asked to initial a document verifying that you submitted your passes to the Club for storage. The passes will then magically appear in your packet the next summer, ready to be used for another season of fun and you won’t have to look for them!

What do I do if a membership came with my house?

You need to call Membership Records to set up a transfer of the membership into your name and pick up of a “Membership Package.” You will turn in the certificate signed over to you from the previous owners and you will receive a certificate in your name along with pool information and passes.

If you do not want the pool membership, call the Membership InfoLine to get on the list to sell.

What do I do if I lost my membership certificate?

You do not need to have a copy until you want to sell the membership. Then you should follow these steps:

  • Get a copy of the Lost Certificate Transfer Form either by downloading it from this page Transfer of Membership Form or calling the Membership InfoLine.
  • Find out your membership certificate number by calling the Membership InfoLine.
  • Fill out the transfer form with your membership certificate number and the names of the people you are transferring the membership to (if applicable).
  • Take the form to a Notary, and sign it and have your signatures notarized.
  • You can then use this form in the sales transaction in place of your original membership

What do I do if I get divorced?

You need to notify the pool in writing of the change and which owner will take over the pool membership. The owners of a pool membership cannot actually be changed without a signed written agreement from both parties that currently jointly own the membership. You can do this one of two ways:

Write a letter to the Windwood Swim and Tennis Club Board of Trustees indicating transfer of membership to one or the other owner and have it signed by both current owners. Fill out the transfer section on the back of your Windwood Swim and Tennis Club Membership Certificate with the name of the party who will be keeping the certificate. Have both parties sign the back.

Send your document to:

Membership Records
Windwood Swim & Tennis Club
P.O. Box 8037
West Chester, Ohio 45069

After it is received a new membership certificate will be completed for you in the
indicated name and your records will be updated.