Buy A Membership


For a limited time, new members joining in 2019 will have their first year’s dues waived when purchasing a new Windwood Swim & Tennis Club bond. Email to learn more about this special rate and join today!

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Members - if you know any friends or new neighbors interested in joining our pool, encourage them to email now. Stop by the pool office if there is a local family that is interested in trying the pool for a day. We can arrange for a guest pass (local, potential buyers only).

Rent A Membership


Windwood offers potential members the option to rent a membership for one summer before deciding to purchase a bond.

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Sell A Membership


Interested in selling your bond? Please review the detailed information on the Sell List, selling outside the Sell List, selling with a home sale and surrendering your bond.

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Membership Contact Information

Membership Information: Aimee Moore at

Membership Records: Erin Quebman

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